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Rife Treatment Software
& Generators

The Rife Technology is something that has fascinated me for years, but I never had the time to think much about it. However, last year I came across some new generators and examples of software, and I got inspired to create the Rifer PRO controller software. As a start, it will be able to control the MHS-2300A 2-channel signal generator from MS Instek, but there are several other generators around that seems to have promising characteristcs.

Specs of MHS-2300A:

Price: <130 USD incl. shipping

Channels: 2, Interface: USB, Sample rate: 200MS/s

Max Bandwidth: 6-24Mhz, Vertical resolution: 12 bit

Memory: Waveform: 2K dots, 4 storage locations, 20 parameter storage locations, Resolution: 10uHz

Amplitude range: 10mVpp-20Vpp (no load) - Amp Offset: +/-10V

Output imp: 50Ohm, Rise/fall: <100ns, Power: 5V, <400mA

Then there is this generator from the FY-3200 Series, also sporting 2 channels:

Price: <100 USD incl. shipping

Channels: 2, Interface: USB, Sample rate: 250MS/s

Max Bandwidth: 6-24Mhz, Vertical resolution: 12 bit

Memory: Waveform: 2048 dots, 4 storage locations, 20 parameter storage locations

Resolution: 10mHz, Amplitude range: 10mVpp-20Vpp (no load), Amp Offset: +/-10V

Output imp: 50Ohm, Rise/fall: <100ns, Power: 5V, <400mA

The Amplitude Offset should be half the maximum amplitude, and maximum amplitude should be at least 20Vpp, so we have end up with a positive-only waveform having an amplitude of at least 10Vpp.

Also I would like to mention this generator from Ginkgo, GK-101. However, being only one channel, and producing only a 5Vpp signal at 100% positive offset, and a rather stiff price, this does not seem to be a great candidate:

Price: 130 USD incl. shipping

Channels: 1, Interface: USB

Sample rate: 80MS/s, Max Bandwidth: 10Mhz, Vertical resolution: 14 bit

Memory: 128M, Resolution: 1mHz

Amplitude range: 10mVpp-10Vpp

Amp Offset: +/-5V, Output imp: 50Ohm

Rise/fall: <20ns, Power: 5V, <400mA@

Now, there are some more professional generators that may be suitable too, like the Owon AG-1012F. Of course they come with a rather stiff price tag, but you should expect quality from a brand like Owon.

Price: <285 USD incl. shipping

Channels: 2, Interface: USB, Sample rate: 125MS/s, Max Bandwidth: 10Mhz

Vertical resolution: 14 bit, Memory: Waveform: 8K dots, 26 storage locations

Resolution: 1uHz, Amplitude range: 10mVpp-20Vpp (no load)

Amp Offset: +/-10V, Output imp: 50Ohm

Modulation frequency range: 2mHz-20kHz

FSK Rate: -100kHz, Rise/fall: <12ns

Overshoot: <5%, Power: 5V, <400mA

There are also other generators like the Rigol DG1022F and the Siglent SDG1005, that can be controlled by USB. And in the very low range, I have noticed some new things coming up, but as usual the bandwidth suffers due to cheap components.

If you know about any other generators that I should check out, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Heart Rate Monitor Software for Fitcare/Zencro USB Pulse Sensor - Windows 32-bit.
Coming soon!

Rifer Pro is a program for controlling 2-channel signal generators, like the MHS-2300A by MH Instek, China.

New: Rifer Pro is now also supporting MHS-2300A as well as the modified MHS-2300A known as Spooky 2.
If you have a generator you want supported, just contact me.

With Rifer Pro you can either control the generator manually, or you can run a set of commands defined in a program. The software starts in manual mode, and you can directly set various parameters of the generator,
and turn it on/off etc. The screenshot below is when run in Simulation mode, to just get to know the program, or test logging etc.

There are a number of waveforms, and you can choose from the built-in waves, to a number of calculated waves, to stored waveforms in the database.
You can apply mirroring or invert the waveform, and add spikes of various types. The whole setup can be saved for later recall.

I have manually compiled, sifted through and cleaned a database of close to 6000 frequency sets, from the internet, ranging from the classic CAFL database,
to the VEGA, Hulda Clark and so on - as almost all the standard databases used by popular Rife software are available in the public domain.

You can of course edit the frequency programs, and insert various commands. Either by the user interface, or writing the command line out manually.
You can then save this modified program in the user database, to keep it separate from the main programs database.

You can also save the generator setup, and have as many setups as you like, and also download/upload generator setups from the
online database. More on this later, but there should also be a system where it is possible to comment online on the various programs,
and give ratings etc. so it is possible to track the effectivenes of various programs. Here we also see the Wobble Section, and white graph background with separate graphs.

There is also the option of outputting bineural audio, as you run a program. You can set this audio to run at the alpha range of 8-12 Hz, to
entrain the brainwaves, increase relaxation and speed up the overall healing process.

4 simultaneous sound effects can be played (looped) in the background, to create enhanced effect of relaxation.
Each audio source has its own volume control and can be independently muted.

You can also play regular songs in the background - wave format or convert from MP3 to OGG. Three audio sources in other words.
Just define a playlist of a number of songs to play repeatedly as long as the frequency program runs.

The graphs can be displayed separately or combined, with black or white background. There is also a user log with the programs each user has used.
Here we can also see the Gating Section, and the Firmware Waveforms that are available in the generator.
A number of users can be defined, and for each user you can take down some notes.

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Rifer PRO 0.1 Beta build 202 - Windows 32-bit - Trial Version (Size: ~ 14.4Mb)
Controls: MHS-2300A generator (Both unmodified and the modified CLEN "Spooky2" version)
Compatibility: Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Limited Time Beta Test Version - Expires 12/2017. To buy activation key, inquire at number7(at) for price.

Rifetech Sanoplasma build 114 - Windows 32-bit - Partially restricted Version (Size: ~ 10.5Mb)
Controls: Rifetech (MHS-2300A) generator, and CLEN "Spooky2" version
Compatibility: Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Partially restricted version fixed at 6.00V, 100% offset, 50% duty cycle, single channel - for Rifetech Sanoplasma device.
Activation required to use Biofeedback section, and unlock limitation of 1 hour sessions.
For more info contact

About is a one-man effort, and I am a 46 year old male from the very top of the world: the country of Norway. Here it is often quite cold, but in the summer time we have the most beautiful midnight sun - I love it! And in the winter time we have the northern lights, stunning and mystical beyond imagination!

I grew up in beautiful nature, and got educated in computer electronics and soon found my great passion in application programming, gaining competence in automated control systems and the development of intuitive graphical user interfaces. But I have been involved in a number of different computer-related areas over the years, like DTP, graphics, web design, web application development, server systems, network programming etc., and also venturing into internet marketing, search engine ranking, content management systems, hard-copy marketing campaigns, ad production and campaigns, video editing, production and distribution, building video editing hardware platforms etc.

In addition to this, I have taken a special interest in control and data logging systems, interfacing with microcontrollers or other devices, including developing software applications for neurofeedback systems.

My interest in the field of computer controlled health technology was triggered by a car accident back in 1998, which eventually disturbed my spinal/nervous system so much that my digestion system broke down, with all the consequences of such a thing, like food intolerances and disturbances in the microflora system, which also impacts the general immune system functions. Since then I have been intensely occupied with studying all kinds of health related issues, to find a way to become better.

My studies started with the digestive system and nutrition, focusing on herbs, high quality nutrition and supplements, alternative therapies for detoxing and colon cleansing/colon nervous system resetting etc., and I have tried a lot of things in this category. Like the Cold Sheet Treatment - ever heard of that? Very interesting. Or what about the Salt Water Flush? Its been like hundreds of different things, and its all very interesting, and since I am a researcher and experimenter by heart, I try everything - and keep some of it.

In 1999 I came across the Hulda Clark Zapper, because I was researching microflora and came into the field of parasites and the classic debate of what is the clue of health: the microbe or the internal system state. I made a number of such Zappers and tested it out, and got some effect but not too much. But I realized that the field of parasites is an amazingly important field, because it is so closely tied to the internal chemical/neurological/immunilogical state and thereby also to the microflora system.

I then ventured into the field of immunology which is closely tied to the psychological / emotional state, and I set out to find some basic patterns here, if possible. After some study I was able to establish a basic pattern of 3 systems, governing the Universe, and that all things are a reflection of this basic system, biological systems included. So the nervous system had to have three centers, and it was confirmed by science as we now know that there are high neutrotransmitter activity in both the gut and the small heart brain that we have. So three brains, the big one within your skull - you know that bone ball at the top of your body - and then a small but very very very important little cute brain in your heart, and then lastly this clever intuitive stomach brain that you have in the gut, giving you that important gut feeling.

So naturally I had to come across the Heartmath Freeze-Framer HRV analysis device, which I did in 2005, and got the unit with software, powered up and tested, and was of course very fascinated. So making the Heart Rate Monitor software was almost kind of nostalgic - I never dreamed I should make something like that, as I looked upon it as quite complicated. But it was not complicated, it turned out - it was very easy and fun to make it, and I hope people find use for it. Click here to download the Free Heart Rate Monitor software.

Around this time I also got some Scenar devices - very interesting technology from the Soviet era, for use in outer Space in fact. It is a very compact unit, hand held, biofeedback, like some kind of electrical acupuncture. It works by reactivating the brain-skin connection, which may have been impaired. I also got some neurofeedback systems and tried out, and made some software for that too, cooperating with professional psychologists on an Autism project. Very interesting stuff, and I wish I had the time to follow that field a bit more.

Other things that got my interest, has been oxidative therapies, where of course oxygen is the main idea. Nice to have, but in right amounts, and at the right places. I have Ozone devices, where I put ozone into water, or into coconut oil, or even into the body, like when I take a steam sauna for instance. I am also very fascinated by other oxidative ideas, like the Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) and also the Hypochloric Acid from Calcium Hypoclorite, aka MMS2. These are powerfull stuff ! Wow....and combined with Diatomaceous Earth - this truly wonder mineral - well then you are on the way to detox and rebuild the internal environment. But I have great respect for MMS, and it must be used with open eyes, as it is an exceptionally efficient oxidizer. Reputed to kill all kinds of Malaria within hours, but I cannot attest to that personally, as I have not yet had Malaria.

I love this field of health and alternative therapies, and could probably talk about it for weeks, because when you start connecting the mind and psychology and philosophy into all of this, then we really begin to be able to see some kind of system in all of this. But lastly I just want to mention Water and Salt, which I consider the two Great Healers of the human body.

The human body is like the world, with dry land and the two big oceans of lymphatic/extracellular and intracellular water, and with kilometers of both small and great rivers of pure life blood. Health depends on the balance - both in volume and pressure - between these two great oceans, and also on the purity of the rivers of blood in the body. And these things again depend on getting the right things into the cells - high quality nutrition - and getting the bad things out of the cells - that is the residues and waste, and then be able to eliminate this from the body.

Water and salt is critical to maintain this homeostatic system. Salt is composed of codium and chlorite, and thus we see how critical the element of chloride is in the human body. Very important. The Sodium keeps the water out of the cells, as water go where sodium goes. And the other way around: Potassium keeps the water into the cells, restricting intracellular water loss, keeping up high intracellular pressure and low extracelluar/blood pressure.

When there is lack of water and intracellular hydration sets in, hypertension is the result as the body tries to increase external ocean pressure and thus river (blood) pressure, to push water into the cells, in a last attempt to normalize intracellular chemical parameters and also intercellular communication. It might end with heart attack and failure, if this is not corrected.

Getting properly hydrated is not done overnight, and it becomes increasingly difficult as you get older. When you are born, you have around 80-90% water in the body, and when we die this is down to around 60% or lower. We typically lose intracellular hydration constantly, during life. But this can and should be reversed or at least halted, and increasing natural Potassium intake is one important thing to do.

Natural Potassium is found in a number of vegetables, like Avocado and Broccoli, and also in apricots, spinach, in meats and so on. Just search and you will find more about this if you like.

But the issue of salt itself is very misunderstood, or should I say that we have been misinformed by the establishment. Salt is critically important to the body, and was traded by its weight in gold in former times. It will probably rise in value in hard times, so investing in Salt is something I recommend if you want a hedge towards the coming economical global collapse.

But this is all about the right kind of Salt. Just like with Fat - they said Fat is bad. No, its all about the right kind of Fat. And I believe this reveals a general rule: nothing in this world is inherently evil, but all things should be used with wisdom. Here a little and there a little, never only one thing and never too much.

So I believe that the issue of salt is of paramount importance, and that we should not use refined salt, where all minerals have been taken out. All that is heavily refined, should be met with some scepsis, as refined is not typically the natural state of things. But there might be exceptions, like oil. Anyways, here we are talking about quite extreme refinement where they take out minerals - why would anyone do that? Beats me. Why reduce the natural complexity in nature? Human folly.

But natural salt is not unhealthy, as it has all the important minerals, and it could be over 80 of them. I especially like the Himalayan Salt, which comes from ancient rocks, untouched by human pollution. And you can do a lot of things with this salt, for therapy. Just search on it, and I will also write more about this later. But salt is critically important, clean water and high quality salt.

When talking about water, I have to say a couple of things while I am at it. Think about structuring your water - yes there is something like that. Water is not just "water", there are many kinds of water, from dirty and clumpy, to clean and hexagonal, in chunks of around 6 molecules. I use various devices to filter and restructure my water, and some of it I also use to make colloidal silver.

Yes - that's right, that's another thing I got pretty involved with - I researched the field of Colloidal Silver, and designed and made a couple of fully automatic Colloidal Silver Generators, and also what I believe to be the world's smallest CS generator. Very interesting topic, and silver is another just remarkable thing to have and *drink*. By the way, while talking about silver, I highly recommend investing in silver as we are nearing the economical collapse. Expect silver to rise 30-50 times in value over the next 5-10 years. Probably the best commodity investment possible, with the possible exception of salt, that is :)

Well, to make a long story short (just kidding) I had been thinking about getting a Rife system for years and eventually started searching for this in late 2013, and came across some generators, and even bought two Chinese dual-channel signal generators in late 2014. Having experience with PLC and microcontroller systems, I immediately wanted to program it. And it was not complicated at all, very straightforward, although of course when it all came together with several background threads and synchronization and audio and biofeedback, it became a bit complex, but still incredibly fun to make. Some time in the near future I expect to be able to launch the Rifer PRO software.

My heart is with those who suffer in this world, as I personally know how hard it is to live with chronic illness for a long time. I thank my dear God and Maker every day, for a new day, and I pray for strength to take some more steps, and to keep the spirit up, appreciating the beauty of life, mourning the ugliness of the state of things in the world, and loving those close to me. In the meantime, work is important, if for nothing else than to distract the mind a bit and participate in the creative process. :)

So I hope the Rifer Pro will be understandable, because that was my intention: to try to make this field of Rife therapy as simple as possible, for the end user, as they strive to understand and control a signal generator in quite complex ways. I find this field of bioenergetics / energy medicine to be exceptionally interesting, and it ties in with my own deeper research on the structure of the human consciousness and spirit in general, and the basic principles which govern all aspects of life. I will write more on this later.

To get on my mailing list, just create an Account at this website.

Contact: number7 (at) protonmail dot ch.

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